ThinkHatch is a strategic communications agency that offers full suite solutions across every channel – in print, online, and through live events.

With strength of conviction and flexibility of thought, we deliver unique, purpose fit solutions that realise your brand’s potential and drive business growth. Our affinity with each other and our investment in your business mean extraordinary results.

Join us in flight to where interesting and inventive ideas meet serious business practicality.

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What we do

Brand Development

Great brands invest in more than just a logo. A genuine and authentic brand personality, business strategy and consistent identity always underpin genuinely gorgeous design. ThinkHatch collaborates with your people to create carefully crafted messaging and a visual identity that best represents the essence of your brand.


Driven by strategic insight and a strong design aesthetic, ThinkHatch delivers both print and digital communications. Our team breathes stories and our love of learning means you have access to the latest possibilities and opportunities. To stand out, with a look you will love and a story that creates conversation, talk to ThinkHatch.

Strategy & Tactics

At ThinkHatch we incubate interesting and inventive ideas with serious business practicality. Our commercial nous, proven record and soaring collaborative relationships deliver actionable plans that work. We always nurture and nourish. We  devise strategic and tactical solutions for organisations in start-up, expansion or growth – always delivering a unique customer experience that enhances your brand’s reputation. We love to solve problems and identify new opportunities and we give generously of our time and energy to present the perfect platter to your community. Nurture your growth with a customer experience lovingly prepared by ThinkHatch.


ThinkHatch finds the magic in your organisation and develops those unique and inspiring elements to deliver astute digital and print collateral of real influence. Our team understands markets, and our communications and tactics work across all channels. Internal and external communications, positioning and capability, full suite marketing campaigns and everything in between – nest with ThinkHatch and change the way you think about content and communications.

Project & Campaign Management

At ThinkHatch we constantly strive to remain agile, grow our capability and deliver on our promises. That means you not only have access to fixed term project work that provides immediate results, but also to ongoing campaign management in which we thrive together. We’re all about seamless delivery, but we’re also about so much more: working with ThinkHatch brings freedom, fun and focus back into your business.

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